Over the past few years, fermented drinks, such as Kombucha are claimed to improve gut health. However, there is a lack of human studies to back up these claims.

A balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps build good bacteria and gut health. Gut health refers to the function and balance of bacteria found in our gastrointestinal tract that help process and digest food. Gut health affects your entire body so it’s important to practice behaviors and eat foods that keep it healthy. Behavioral Nutritionists understand how important it is to get the most out of what you eat and only recommend making diet changes that allow for healthy digestion.

There is an important association between gut health and mental health so it is essential that you value your mental health just as much as what you are putting in your body.

  • Focus on improving your diet and mental health by:
  • Drink enough water, at least 8 cups per day
  • Include whole grains, fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • Increase green leafy vegetable intake due to antioxidant and fiber properties
  • Have yogurt as a snack, it is considered a probiotic – friendly bacteria that can improve your health
  • Get enough sleep
  • Limit screen time
  • Connect with family and friends
  • Incorporate physical activity into your routine
  • Include all food groups in your diet unless allergic as this provides you with a variety of nutrients
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Practice positive affirmations and self compassion

Improve Your Diet

Behavioral Nutrition specializes in helping patients that struggle with eating and mental disorders. Gut health plays a big part in our overall physical and mental state. Our nutritional therapy services empower patients with healthy eating behaviors that will help improve gut health and lead to a healthier lifestyle. Behavioral Nutrition aims to help those struggling with an eating disorder develop healthy eating habits that make sense for each one of our patients. Contact us today for more information on how Behavioral Therapy can help improve gut health.