Individual Outpatient Day and Evening Sessions

Virtual Appointments Available

At Behavioral Nutrition you will be paired with a clinical dietitian who will work with you individually to improve:

  • You will work with your clinical dietitian on developing coping skills and new ways to manager triggers to Eating disorder behaviors
  • Find insight into destructive behavioral patterns that impact health, interpersonal skills at home and at work, finding ways to feel more connected to loved ones.
  • Dietitians will help you learn how to develop a new relationship with food.
  • Finding a way to manage your weight while giving yourself permission to enjoy your favorite foods.
  • At Behavioral Nutrition you will be guided by the dietitian as to how to break the yo-yo dieting cycle, while creating a flexible meal plan that works for your physical needs and food preferences.
  • Learn intuitive eating skills that will help you develop a healthy sense of satisfaction around food without obsessing about food quantity.

Individual outpatient sessions are covered by most major insurances or can be paid out of pocket. Out of pocket rates for Nutritional Counseling are shown below:

  • Individual Assessment: $225
  • Follow-up Appointment: $175