Connecticut Medical Referrals

If you know your patients could use some clinical nutrition and behavioral support to change how they eat so that they can improve their health please see the list of common conditions we use Medical Nutrition Therapy for:
Common diagnosis we treat (this list is not all-inclusive):
Anorexia Nervosa, unspecified: F50.00; Anorexia Nervosa: F50.0; Binge Eating Disorder: F50.81
Bulimia Nervosa: F50.2; Eating Disorder, unspecified: F50.9; Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder: F50.82; Weight Management for Obesity: E66.**; Overweight: E66.3; Obesity due to excess calories: E66.9
Dietary counseling/ Preventive Z71.3; Diabetes Mellitus Type 2: E11.01; Hypercholesterolemia, unspecified: E78.0; Nutritional Deficiency unspecified: E63.9; IBS with diarrhea: K58.0; IBS with constipation: K58.1; IBS, mixed K58.2; IBS other: K58.8; IBS without diarrhea: K58.9

In order for a new patient to receive a virtual appointment for medical nutrition therapy services, we require that a medical provider submit the referral form below to our fax number 888-434-5092.