The holidays can be especially triggering for those who struggle with eating disorders, such as binge eating. A common thread among all eating disorders is the cycle of guilt around food and desire for control when it comes to eating behaviors.

Healthy Behaviors that can help you overcome disordered eating:

  1. Pause- Take time to relax and reflect on how your mood is affecting your choices in food. Journaling can be helpful to provide clarity and insight into your motivation to eat when you are not feeling true hunger.
  2. Reach out to others- You are made to experience connection to others and the more you isolate yourself the less fulfilled you may feel in life. Eating a meal with others is essential to feeling emotionally satisfied by a meal. Most often those who struggle with eating disorders, choose to eat alone and thereby feed into a cycle of feeling disconnected and unsatisfied by the meal experience.
  3. Boredom is a major culprit of disordered eating- Many use food and eating as a way to escape from feelings of boredom. Find things that interest you, whether it is a new hobby or volunteering at your local charity. These are a few ways you can try to remain in the moment and not give into boredom related eating.
  4. Make a connection to the food you eat- When you recognize the powerful effect that whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables, have on promoting health and providing your body lasting energy you become more aware of the power of these foods.