Our Approach to Eating Disorders: Assessment & Treatment

Have you always struggled with your weight and disordered eating, often following strict and unhealthy diet fads?

If so, we know that the best way to help YOU develop a healthy relationship with food is assist you in developing a practical and realistic program that fits your lifestyle, schedule and budget. Unlike diet plans, we create an easy to follow system where you get to eat the foods you have always enjoyed, while learning how to eat foods that will help you maintain proper blood sugar balance and prevent uncontrollable food cravings.

We have a proven individualized approach to create a personalized nutritional plan that will work for your metabolic needs while including the foods you enjoy.



Our Healthy Weight approach includes a comprehensive review of your current eating habits, food preferences and nutritional requirements to create a personalized weight loss plan that will help you eat in a balanced AND satisfying way.



At Behavioral Nutrition, we will review behavioral and nutritional factors that influence YOUR eating habits and weight:

  • Assessment for Obesity Related Eating Disorder & Current Over-Eating Patterns: 60- min Behavioral Nutrition Assessment
  • Behavioral Nutrition & Health Questionnaire: Used to assess your behavioral habits, health status, and fitness level.
  • Individualized Nutritional Requirements: review of recent blood work including the presence of food allergies
  • Food Preference Analysis: using a review of a 14 Day-Food Diary, including restaurant menu items you frequently eat.

By helping our patients understand the powerful and positive effect of consuming nutritionally dense foods we have helped hundreds of people develop healthy eating habits while incorporating foods they enjoy and being sensitive of cultural foods they have grown up eating.