Our Clinical Services

All one-on-one nutrition services require a provider referral form, which can be completed by a medical or in some cases a behavioral provider.

See link to referral form required for all new patients at the bottom of page.

We have availability for one-on-one sessions as soon as 48hrs from receiving a referral form

Personalized and Convenient Virtual Nutritional Counseling

Virtual sessions are held with an experienced clinical dietitian to work on the following conditions:

Disordered Eating (i.e. Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia Nervosa, Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder)

Type I and Type II Diabetes

Digestive disorders


Nutritional Deficiencies

Our dietitians utilize powerful and proven Behavioral Nutrition techniques, which support long term behavioral change in patients for better outcomes.

Some of our core work revolves around:

  • Learn how to develop a new relationship with food
  • Learn about the connection between nutrition and sleep quality
  • Improving mood and concentration through the use of nutrition to improve blood sugar levels throughout the day
  • Learn the tools to breaking the yo-yo dieting cycle, while creating a flexible meal plan that works for your physical needs and food preferences
  • Learn intuitive eating skills that will help you develop a healthy sense of satisfaction around food without obsessing about food quality

Nutrition Support Groups

  • Our nutrition support groups are a great way to get added support in a safe community environment via a convenient weekly virtual group
  • Nutrition support group participation is not covered by insurances and is an out-of-pocket fee to attend
To find out more about how to enroll into individual or group support services, please call us at 617-595-7044 or email us at [email protected]