Stress Management and Emotional Eating

For a lot of people, disordered eating habits like binge eating revolve around emotional issues. Stress and comfort eating are two examples of very common factors that affect disordered eating. Finding ways to cope with stress and your emotions is necessary to prevent developing a dangerous eating disorder. Many individuals find help by getting support […]

New Year’s Resolution: A Healthier Relationship with Food

For many people, the new year means a clean slate. Many people try to jump right in and quickly break bad eating habits for a healthier lifestyle but it’s hard to be successful with that approach. Trying to make changes to your diet too quickly will often lead to failure. The first step is to […]

Adequate Nutrition for Pregnant Moms

A pregnant mother's nutrition is critical for good pregnancy outcomes. A healthy lifestyle is vital if you're pregnant or are planning a pregnancy. At the core of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy diet. Maintaining a healthy diet will keep you feeling good and give your baby the essential nutrients needed in the womb. A […]

Why is it Important to Get Fat in Your Diet?

Fat has always been looked at in a negative way, it has been the scapegoat for increased cholesterol, causing obesity, and other health problems. The fact is that fat is an important nutrient that you need in your diet but like almost everything, moderation is key. Fat helps your body absorb vitamin A, vitamin D, […]

Healthy foods that will leave you feeling more full

When you feel hungry it’s your body telling you that you are in need of energy and nutrients. The best way to ease feelings of hunger is to include foods high in macronutrients with every snack and meal. Certain foods take longer than others to digest this makes them help you feel fuller for longer […]

How the food you eat affects your mood

It is well known that what you eat affects your mood. The part that a lot of people don’t understand is how the food that you eat affects your mood. When you have nutritional imbalances or blood sugar fluctuations more often than not mood swings are sure to follow. If your body and mind aren’t […]

Aging and Nutrition

Everyone's overall well-being is influenced by their nutrition. This is especially true for the elderly because malnutrition is associated with accelerated aging. Maintaining a healthy diet is known to be one of the main influences for healthy aging. Some key vitamins and minerals needed in your diet and how to increase your intake: Iron - […]