Counseling & Nutritional Therapy

Our Group Counseling & Individual Therapy sessions incorporate:

CBT, DBT, Stress Management, Nutritional Therapy, Psych-education, Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.


  • Medically stable


  • Decrease Anxiety and Depression related eating behaviors
  • Decrease binge eating and other symptomatic behaviors
  • Pursue individualized health and weight management goals
  • Develop realistic sense of body image for the improvement of mood and self esteem
  • Change distorted beliefs related to self and others
  • Develop healthy coping/self-soothing skills
  • Develop a satisfying structured eating style
  • Promote physical activity for weight lose
  • Provide Psych education to improve sleep patterns

Desired Outcome:

  • Reduce disordered eating related symptoms of anxiety, depression and mood disturbances.
  • Develop a long-term, balanced and satisfying eating style.
  • Support personal health and weight reduction goals.
  • Sustained weight loss goals

Program Description:

  • Intensive Outpatient Program
    • Group program meets every Monday/Wednesday from 6:00-9:00 p.m., Saturday 11:00-2:00 p.m.
  • Individual meetings conducted with:
    • Specialized Mental Health Professionals
    • Behavioral Nutritionist

Counseling Testimonials: “The integrative approach that Behavioral Nutrition offers in dealing with mental health, weight, and eating issues is innovative and inspiring.  Nicole has taught me how deeply interconnected these issues often are and that there are no concrete solutions that apply to everyone (i.e. the reason diets don’t work).  Through her great insight, support, and knowledge she has showed me how to incorporate kindness, compassion, and understanding to deal with my personal difficulties.   Nicole has also guided me to gain a deeper perspective on how one’s thoughts play a very significant role in determining feelings and subsequent actions related to maladaptive eating patterns as well as other behaviors. If the American public knew the close association between thoughts and behaviors, we would more than likely not live in a society where obesity is an epidemic and addiction is so commonplace. Behavioral Nutrition’s approach to dealing with the feelings underlying eating and dysfunctional behavior, gives me great hope that I may recover and learn more adaptive ways in dealing with life’s issues.  I am grateful to have found a therapist with such a deep understanding of the mechanics behind dysfunctional eating behavior and encompasses such a holistic approach in her practice.”-Mona, Quincy, MA

“I began this journey towards a better relationship with food several months ago.  The beginning was surely the most challenging. I was afraid to make the call. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. I was frightened that I wouldn’t be successful. What I found at Behavioral Nutrition was a sympathetic ear, guidance, advocacy and support. The first months I found myself becoming more aware of what I was feeling and what I really wanted out of life. Conquering my fears and making that first phone call has truly become one of my best decisions.”- J.S. Quincy, MA

“I’ve been  coming to behavioral nutrition for just 6 weeks and already the way I view food has changed. Nicole has given me real tools I can use in my everyday life and they are working because I’m already down 35 pounds.  My favorite thing about it is though that I am learning to give my body nutrition through food instead of just eating.  Learning to feed my body and aligning my mind with those principles is truly setting me on the right track to a life of eating correctly. And it doesn’t mean dieting. Thank you Nicole for your love and care.”- M.M. Quincy, MA