Eating Disorder Treatments for Children


Specialized Eating Disorder Programs for Children & Adolescents:


  1. We assess eating patterns and its relationship to mood states and anxiety ranging from loneliness, lack of interest in previously enjoyable activities, and social withdrawal.
  2. Eating Disorder counseling that focuses on the relationship between what we eat, how much we eat and what we feel, serves to address maladjustments in a child’s eating behaviors, resulting on being underweight or overweight.
  3. Focuses more on the emotions and environmental triggers to disordered eating behaviors rather than only on nutrition and caloric intake.
  4. Serves to bring awareness to restructuring maladaptive emotional patterns and develop stress/anxiety coping strategies.


Testimonial: My clinician was very helpful in teaching us how to modulate our seven year old son’s diet, so that he isn’t so focused on food, and in particular, sweets. She is very thorough, a good listener, a joy to work with, and really knows her stuff.” Mother -Gail -Massachusetts

“My counselor  helped me a great amount through my everyday struggles with an eating disorder. The personalized meal plan gives me something to fall back on and rely on. It helps me feel comfortable around food, and relaxes me around food a lot more. My sessions with nicole have helped me to release a lot of stress from obsessive thoughts around food and body image. I feel very comfortable sharing my feelings and concerns because I know I’m around someone who cares and wants the best for me. this has been a huge part of my hopes to recover and live a healthy life.”Theresa- Massachusetts