Adult & Adolescent Eating Disorder Treatment Facility

Adult Eating Disorder Counseling:



Counseling Sessions:

  1. Behavioral Nutritional Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy and Psychotherapy
  2. Behavioral Nutrition Groups


Group Sessions:

Behavioral & Nutrition focused groups for Eating Disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, as well as compulsive overeating, binge-eating disorder, night-eating and food addiction



Counseling Testimonials:

“Let me start by saying that coming to Behavioral Nutrition and working with a therapist has been the greatest decision I’ve ever made. I’m a physician and I’ve been struggling with major depression for the last two years, but more importantly, I’ve been dealing with emotional eating for as long as I can remember. Before starting therapy at Behavioral Nutrition, I was taking medications for depression and going to a psychiatrist every 1-2 months, for a period of two years.  Medications took me to a certain point where I was able to go back to life, however, I was not happy and nowhere near back to my old self. I kept gaining weight at a rate of 20 pounds per year. My self esteem was low and getting worse. I would get out of the house exclusively for work. I even lost my passion for my work, something I had been studying for 10 years. Finally, I made the decision to find a therapist that could work with me and my problems as a whole. On my research for therapist, I found Behavioral Nutrition online. It was a Sunday and I sent an email. To my surprise, that same day I received a call back. I was impressed! Not only because of the prompt response but because when you are looking for help, you can get easily discouraged as days go by, and getting an answer while I was in my “let’s get this over with” mode, made giving that first step much easier. For the first time, in years, I began to feel happy again, my self esteem kept growing and I started making positive changes in my life in all areas. One of the therapies that has been of great value to me, is the visualization process. Eyes closed, comfortable position, breathing pattern and my therapist making me imagine different situations. I was so impressed when I began to discover things that were making me uncomfortable, sad, or simply things that were buried in my subconscious. Once I knew those things, (for example, how having the same furniture I had when I was married made me feel like I was not in a place where I felt like home), I was able to begin working on my emotions and thought processes. It is a work in process but now I know there is light at the end of the tunnel and more importantly, I’ve began to feel the sunlight shine on me, even on rainy days. Now I carry my weather with me. My advice, make the choice to get better, and make it now! There is no need to feel sad, lonely or helpless. Help is here. Good luck to you all. ” CRF

“The integrative approach that Behavioral Nutrition offers in dealing with mental health, weight, and eating issues is innovative and inspiring.  My therapist has taught me how deeply interconnected these issues often are and that there are no concrete solutions that apply to everyone (i.e. the reason diets don’t work).  Through her great insight, support, and knowledge she has showed me how to incorporate kindness, compassion, and understanding to deal with my personal difficulties.   She has also guided me to gain a deeper perspective on how one’s thoughts play a very significant role in determining feelings and subsequent actions related to maladaptive eating patterns as well as other behaviors. If the American public knew the close association between thoughts and behaviors, we would more than likely not live in a society where obesity is an epidemic and addiction is so commonplace. Behavioral Nutrition’s approach to dealing with the feelings underlying eating and dysfunctional behavior, gives me great hope that I may recover and learn more adaptive ways in dealing with life’s issues.  I am grateful to have found a therapist with such a deep understanding of the mechanics behind dysfunctional eating behavior and encompasses such a holistic approach in her practice.”-Mona, Quincy, MA

“The experience I have had at Behavioral Nutrition has been life changing.  I have struggled with compulsive over eating for years and have tried all the popular diets, and even had seen a nutritionist but it never worked.  Why? Because while all of these deal with how you eat, they never deal with why you eat.  Behavioral Nutrition combines both psychotherapy and nutrition counseling for a combination that is sure to work for anyone looking to change their life.  Learning about what makes me turn to food and learning to control that has had a huge impact on my daily lifestyle.  I have learned self control and working with Nicole Taveras, I have been successful in a huge overhaul of my previous bad eating habits. This is the place to go if you want to truly get a handle on any sort of issues with eating, nutrition and making those lifestyle changes you have promised yourself over and over again you would make.” Sarah N., Norwood, Ma

“I came to Behavioral Nutrition an overweight person with very unhealthy habits, including compulsive night eating and binge behaviors. My counselor has brought to me a comprehensive toolbox for handling my situation — nutritionally, emotionally, behaviorally and cognitively. When I see my counselor each week, I know she understands what I am going through, and I am always impressed by her compassion and range of knowledge. She uses the right tool at the right time — whether it’s a relaxation technique, nutritional counseling, journaling exercise, or talk therapy. At my sessions, we focus on my whole self, not simply my weight or dress size. This perspective inspires me from the inside out and provides me with greater optimism about my future.  I still have a way to go, and I know this is a journey and not a sprint. But unlike the person who first came to Behavioral Nutrition, I have confidence in my body, have actionable insight into how I can be healthy, and have started to reach my goals. Thanks!” -Amy- MA


“It is not always easy to realize, recognize and accept that sometimes life presents to us situations, circumstance or people that we just can’t overcome alone. I know for myself seeking a therapist was something I needed and could benefit from but my strong will and confident ego led me to believe I could overcome my issues alone. After numerous attempts ending in failure, repetition of the same cyclic pattern and friends I burdened with the weight of my issues. I finally decided enough was enough and realized I can’t do this alone without the help of therapy. I completed a simple google search and came across behavioral nutrition. I was very nervous, a little resistant and feeling vulnerable but once I finished my first session at Behavioral Nutrition, I knew I had made the right choice! The biggest mistake one can make is to settle with feelings of unhappiness or like the issues you may be battling you can’t overcome because you can! Anything is possible and life is what you make it!”

-CB, Quincy, MA


“I began this journey towards a better relationship with food several months ago.  The beginning was surely the most challenging. I was afraid to make the call. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. I was frightened that I wouldn’t be successful. What I found at Behavioral Nutrition was a sympathetic ear, guidance, advocacy and support. The first months I found myself becoming more aware of what I was feeling and what I really wanted out of life. Conquering my fears and making that first phone call has truly become one of my best decisions.”- J.S. Quincy, MA

“Behavioral Nutrition creates a comfortable environment free of judgment. In her office, you’re reminded that the negative judgments that you’ve placed on your feelings (weird, unconventional, unique etc.) are unnecessary – they’re shared by others and are common to the human experience.  She provides a warm atmosphere for introspection and challenges you to think critically about your feelings and their effects on your desired therapeutic outcomes. With a focus on real-world applications and problem solving, she actively participates in therapy sessions and attentively reinforces positive feelings. I would enthusiastically recommend  to anyone seeking a comfortable and productive therapeutic environment.” Ashley R., MA